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About Us


We are Dan and Dawn Nelson and our story on the Island started back in 1967 when Dan's parents, Jim and Dorothy Nelson bought property on Jackson Harbor road. Dan grew up coming to the Island every summer as much as he could, camping on their property. His dream was to move to the Island, so of course he had to find a girl that would love the Island as much as he did. Well that was me, Dawn Cunningham. We were married in 1988 and it took some time to make it happen, but it did. After our 3rd child was born Dan got a phone call from Butch Gordon asking if Dan wanted a job with G&G Construction on Washington Island? Dan said "yes, we just need to sell our house". The house sold fast and we were on our way to fulfilling our dream! That was March of 1994.

We raised our family here, Courtney, Brittany, Hunter and Rachel and it was the best place to do that. They are all grown now and they have given us 7 grandchildren, along with some wonderful sons-in-law. 

Being empty nesters, we wondered what our future held and we thought long and hard about it. Frog Hollow was our answer. Dan loves to make things beautiful and he loves to work at home. Well now he can do that. He's loves the Island and now he has a beautiful home he can share with the guests that come to visit his favorite place. What about Dawn? The Island is my favorite place too but I am a hairstylist along with our daughter Courtney at "The Lily Pad Salon" that is in the lower level of Frog Hollow.

UPDATE 06/04/2021: The Lily Pad Salon is open.

The sad news is that our beloved Dan lost his battle to malignant melanoma this last March 2021. He was so courageous and was comforting us in the midst of his battle. His greatest wish was that we keep the Inn and run it as a family for generations to come and that is what we are going to do. The summer of 2020 was the best summer of his life. He was home on the Island, he got to visit friends, family and new faces all summer long and he loved every minute of it. Our hope is that we continue to meet new people and welcome you to our home and our Island. God Bless us all! Dawn

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